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Strategically Distributing Efforts To Make Impact Possible!INVEST PROJECT IMPACT

Work Has No Label. Women Can Thrive In TVET Trades Too.WHY THE INVEST PROJECT

  • 69% of the unemployed in Ghana are young people between 15 and 34 years of age while 39% of youth are employed
  • Economic opportunities in technology, services, and trades in Ghana are expected to grow by 10-12%, but there is an unmet need for demand for skilled labor.
  • Women are not benefitting equally from Ghana’s economic growth. Emerging sectors with employment opportunities are largely based in urban areas.
  • Little to no access to finance for TVET or other skills-building programs (e.g. apprenticeships) especially for young urban poor women.
  • TVET sectors are highly informal, disorganized, and mobile which poses both challenges and opportunities for young women seeking to enter it.

The INVEST initiative will address the root causes of gender inequalities faced by young women, and engage with industry actors to create an enabling environment for young women’s access to decent work, ultimately leading to a strengthened workforce and labor market. Using an inclusive market systems approach, the project will INVEST in women, institutions, and the labor market of high-growth sectors to achieve sustainable, scalable, and transformative change.

Ensuring the best project outcomesImplementation Pathways

FeaturesThe INVEST initiative strives to build sustainable pathways to enhanced economic empowerment, well-being and inclusive growth for women in Ghana by supporting 5000 women to enter and thrive within high-growth, male-dominated trades

Direct Beneficiary

Urban Marginalized Young Women (18-35 years)

Supply Actors

TVET training providers & Regulators, Master Craftspersons


Parents/Guardians, Religious and Traditional Authorities, Women’s rights and Youth organizations

Demand Actors

Employers, Industry Associations

PartnersPartners who work on
INVESTinHer Campaign