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Invest In Her TVET Scholarship Scheme

The INVEST in Her TVET Scholarship Scheme

The INVEST in Her TVET Scholarship Scheme is a joint collaboration between the Ghana Chamber of Construction Industry (GhCCI) and WUSC under the INVEST Project. The Scholarship Scheme will provide one thousand (1,000) women between the ages of 18 -35years with funds to access market-relevant skills training in male-dominated trades or occupations, to enhance their employability and economic opportunities. Beneficiaries will receive technical skills in high-demand sectors such as Construction (Built Environment), Energy (Renewable, Solar, electricity), ICT/Electronics/Automation, Extractives (Mining, Oil & Gas, Quarry) as well as in Engineering and Manufacturing.

The scholarship funds may be used for User Fees, Training Facilitator/Master-craft fees, Training Materials(Consumables), Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs), Basic Tools, NTVETQ Exams, and Exams Cutting List.


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